Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Why Choose Oceanside Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Oceanside Testosterone Replacement Therapy located in Providence, Rhode Island, is run by a board certified emergency medicine physician who has over 20 years of experience. Our team is composed of motivated practitioners who are eager to help you revitalize your life. We aim to provide prompt and courteous treatment, with confidentiality in mind. In the highly unlikely event that your testosterone deficiency is related to a serious underlying condition, we are able to refer you to local endocrinology and urology groups for further treatment and care. You may call us any time to speak directly with a medical professional, and never to an answering service. We are dedicated to providing evidence based care. We supply the testosterone replacement medication in-house at a fraction of the pharmacy cost, saving you a trip to the pharmacy. 

We adhere to the American Urological Association (AUA) guideline. View PDF.

If you’re one of the millions of men who suffer from low testosterone, there is a way to increase your sex drive, boost your energy, reduce body fat, and much more. Here at Oceanside Testosterone Replacement Therapy nearby, we take your health seriously and our mission is to give you an excellent customer experience, as well as the best treatments for your particular needs.

Our multi-specialty group aims to provide you with premium level care. All our clinicians are board certified emergency room providers still practicing today in the local emergency rooms.

For many insurance plans most costs are covered based on your deductible, copay and medical necessity.

For any questions about our service fees, co-pays, bills, or any other payment issues, call our medical insurance verification specialist, Ashli Labbe, at 973-839-1003, Extension 1009.